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Charcoal Inn South

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History of Charcoal Inn

Charcoal Inn was purchased in 1984 by Scott and Roger Prescher. The restaurant was remodeled and opened in the summer of 1984 with astounding success. In 1987 Scott and Roger purchased a small restaurant on the north side of Sheboygan and Charcoal Inn North came into being. Charcoal Inn North is not only noted for it's great charcoal grilled food, but the Friday Fish Fry is one of the best in town.

In March of 1988 the New York Times ran an article about our "Sheboygan Food" and in 1992 Dennis Ghetto the restaurant critic for the Milwaukee Journal acclaimed us to have the "Best Steak Sandwich" in the state of Wisconsin. In the July of 1996 issue of "Gourmet" magazine, an article appeared again about our great "Sheboygan Brats" and our charcoal grilled food. Since then other magazines and newspapers have done articles about our restaurant, most recent is the Chicago Tribune and Money Magazine.

We at Charcoal Inn are so very grateful for all the adulation and praise of our restaurant and Sheboygan-style food; but then again, being Sheboygan natives, we have always known the food in our area of the country was some of the best in the world. Ya! Das es Gut.


Scott & Roger Prescher